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 Nicole Kane is the owner and trainer of South Shore Farms which is located in Huntington Beach, California. South Shore Farms opened in 2009.
 Nicole has trained under many trainers growing up. She first started with Mary Saluka at the age of 3. As a child, she rode with Dale Harvey, Hilary Ridland and Tracy Baer. As a Junior, she rode with Archie Cox and experienced her first Indoor Circuit under his guidance.
 When she became an Amateur, she moved over to Rainbow Canyon Ranch to train with Mary Gatti and Patrick Spanton. After a few years riding with Rainbow Canyon, Nicole decided to open her own business.
Jenny and Kost Karazissis have helped Nicole since the start of her professional career. They help Nicole on the ground and Jenny assists in some of the catch rides. Nicole is always so grateful to have their support and to keep learning from them in this sport. 
 At South Shore, we specialize in hunters, jumpers, and sales. We have programs suited for all levels. 
 Orlando Cruz is our head groom who also travels with the show horses. His son in law, Marvin Cruz is our home groom. We couldn't do what we do without them.
 We have two assistant trainers, Chris Perrin and Laura Mormann. They help teach lessons anywhere from beginners to advance. They also help school the horses and assist at the horse shows when needed. 
 In our program, the horses always come first. We have an amazing vet, Dr. Paul McClellan and his team to keep our horses safe and healthy.
Melvin Reynolds is our Ferrier who does a fabulous job with all our horses. We appreciate everyone on this team!

Assistant Trainer, Chris Perrin is from Southern California. He was also a former student at Rainbow Canyon Ranch. He teaches anywhere from the beginners to the advanced lessons. Chris brings a lot of laughter to our barn but also keeps the jr. kids focused and goal oriented. 


Laura Mormann is our other assistant Trainer who is originally from Santa Barbara,CA. Nicole noticed her at a show competing and wanted her to work for her because she loved the way she rode. She has been working for South Shore Farms for the past 7 years. Laura also has a business she started with her friend, Antoinette Watts called Claiborne and Lime.  

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